Henry Wallace is the Deputy Press Secretary in a Republican administration. In short, his job is to lie. There’s only one problem: He’s not very good at it. In truth, he’s awful... and what’s worse, he’s a liberal. Republicans don’t like him and Democrats don’t trust him, and when the only colors on the political spectrum are red, white, and blue, an educated black man doesn’t quite know where he stands on it. When the acting Press Secretary disappears on an “extended vacation” - no doubt a euphemism for a six month long hooker binge  -  Henry has to pick up the slack. He must contend with a press corps smarter and more experienced at spinning than he is, an ambitious Deputy Chief of Staff who's convinced that Henry is an embarrassment, and a Republican administration filled with... Republicans. Henry soon finds himself completely out of his element, up shit creek without a paddle, and thrown head first into the deep end.




RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - Spec Script (pdf)
Synopsis: Jeff's inability to cope with getting older starts to affect his marriage when he dozes off while... you know, while Adam tries to preserve his "perfect" relationship with Jennifer.

MAD MEN - Spec Script (pdf)
Sterling Cooper is rocked to the core by the President's death. The team tries to cope with the shock in their own ways, Pete and Peggy entertain what-ifs while Don struggles to get a certain woman out of his head.